Stage Collapse at NYE Party in Colombo

The New Year’s Eve party at Hilton Hotel, Colombo descended into chaos as a stage platform holding many VIP guests collapsed at the stroke of the new year. Hundreds of people crashed on to the floor, whilst holding glasses and lit sparklers. Many of the guests suffered injuries, cuts and burns and ...Read More

Social Media Marketing of Restaurants

Sri Lanka is home to a broad range of restaurants and food outlets, as a result of the complexity of Lankan cuisine. Colombo, its suburbs and popular holiday destinations in the island are home to a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, in addition to a crop of fast food outlets and ...Read More

Social Media Usage of

Are you tired of experiencing traffic on your way to work and back home each and every day? Have you ever wondered if traffic is going to be a part of your day to day life for years to come? Do you ever wish there was some way to know which routes ...Read More

Healthcare Industry Social Media Marketing

The hospital network in Sri Lanka is comprised of major Government hospitals, military hospitals, Ayurveda institutes, clinics and medical centres. In our series of reviews, we next take a look at Sri Lankan healthcare industry social media marketing: the content they post and the interaction they have with fans. Durdan’s Hospital has ...Read More

Political Campaigning on Social Media

The Sri Lankan Provincial Council Elections 2013 to elect members for the Northern, Central and North Western Provincial Councils is just few days away. Whilst the candidates and political parties are busy with their rallies, visits and meetings, we take a look at their campaigning on social media platforms, reviewing the participation, ...Read More

English Newspapers in Social Media

The print news industry in Sri Lanka inaugurated in the year 1909 with the first English newspaper – Daily News – being published in 1918. This century long industry has seen many new newspapers being initiated whilst some others are no longer in circulation. Around 25 Sinhala, Tamil and English newspapers are ...Read More

Sri Lankan Car Industry in Social Media

Latest reports show that there are 25 cars for every 100 people in Sri Lanka. This suggests that there around 5 million motor vehicles in the country at the moment. The car market in this island nation is well popular for family vehicles, sedans, compact cars and SUVs. The usage is dominated ...Read More

Social Media Marketing of TV Stations

Our social media analysis series now takes a look at social media marketing of TV stations in Sri Lanka. There are currently 24 free-to-air television channels in the island across both analog and digital terrestrial platforms. All popular TV stations were found to be actively participating in social media while some channels ...Read More

Sri Lankan Finance Companies in Social Media

In our series of social media usage reviews, we next take a look at Sri Lankan finance companies in social media. Among the 47 finance companies in the island, only around ten institutions were found to have active social media pages while social networking pages of 15 other Companies were found to ...Read More

Sri Lankan Banks in Social Media

Social media continues to grow as a great marketing tool within the corporate realm all over the world. In Sri Lanka, according to analysis we have conducted in the past, telecommunication networks, leading hotels as well as Government and charity organizations have embraced the use of social media for their marketing purposes. Sri ...Read More