Country Marketing Through Social Media

In our series of social media marketing reviews, we next take a look at how countries are marketed through social media channels. Social media is being used extensively by the tourism industries around the world at present, and Sri Lanka is a prime example of a nation using social media to optimize ...Read More

Importance of Content in SEO

“Quality content is the most effective SEO tactic, with 57% of search engine marketers choosing content creation over other tactics.” According to a worldwide survey conducted by research and marketing professionals, Ascend2, quality content is the most effective tactic for a website to have good SEO results, compared to other activities such ...Read More

Sri Lankan Youtube Celebrities

Since Youtube was launched in 2005, a growing number of individuals have found popularity and riches through exhibiting their unique videos. Youtube videos can be big business for top independent content creators. According to Business Insider, Sweden’s PewDiePie is the most popular Youtuber in the world. His estimated yearly income is between $825,000- $8.47 million. ...Read More

Analysis of Digital Marketing Business Realities

As one of the premier digital marketing companies in Sri Lanka we were interested when we came across this article on the DailyFT on ‘Digital marketing: Understanding the business realities in Sri Lanka’. by Dr. Nalin Abeysekara. Dr. Abeysekara is a Senior Lecturer at the Open University Sri Lanka and a Chartered ...Read More

Variances in Social Media trends amongst Teenagers and Young Adults

In the past few month there has been many contradicting reports on which social network is the most popular among young adults and teens. While many claimed that younger users of Facebook are quitting the site and it is no longer the number one site for teenagers there were other reports that ...Read More

Stage Collapse at NYE Party in Colombo

The New Year’s Eve party at Hilton Hotel, Colombo descended into chaos as a stage platform holding many VIP guests collapsed at the stroke of the new year. Hundreds of people crashed on to the floor, whilst holding glasses and lit sparklers. Many of the guests suffered injuries, cuts and burns and ...Read More

Social Media Marketing of Restaurants

Sri Lanka is home to a broad range of restaurants and food outlets, as a result of the complexity of Lankan cuisine. Colombo, its suburbs and popular holiday destinations in the island are home to a wide variety of fine dining restaurants, in addition to a crop of fast food outlets and ...Read More

Social Media Usage of

Are you tired of experiencing traffic on your way to work and back home each and every day? Have you ever wondered if traffic is going to be a part of your day to day life for years to come? Do you ever wish there was some way to know which routes ...Read More

Healthcare Industry Social Media Marketing

The hospital network in Sri Lanka is comprised of major Government hospitals, military hospitals, Ayurveda institutes, clinics and medical centres. In our series of reviews, we next take a look at Sri Lankan healthcare industry social media marketing: the content they post and the interaction they have with fans. Durdan’s Hospital has ...Read More

Political Campaigning on Social Media

The Sri Lankan Provincial Council Elections 2013 to elect members for the Northern, Central and North Western Provincial Councils is just few days away. Whilst the candidates and political parties are busy with their rallies, visits and meetings, we take a look at their campaigning on social media platforms, reviewing the participation, ...Read More