Is Social Media a Tool for Small and Medium Enterprise Market Expansion?

Small and medium enterprises are often deemed as a major contributor for local economies. However, a recent study has found that small and medium enterprises have the ability to expand internationally if they utilize social media. A study by Barclays focusing 500 UK small businesses found that 72% of these businesses solely ...Read More

Facebook: The Dilemma of a Video Metric

A recent article published by The Wall Street Journal found that Facebook had “vastly” inflated its key performance metric relating to video ads for two years. A miscalculation A post in the “Advertiser Help Center” a month ago announced regarding a ‘discrepancy’ “between the definition of Average Duration of Video Viewed and ...Read More

Technology Addiction: A Psychological Disorder in the making?

A recent article published on Daily Mirror spoke about the need for the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) (V) to categorize Technology Addiction as a psychological disorder. It provided opinions of a lecturer, a licensed psychologist and readers, where they voiced their view on why they believe it is important ...Read More

TukTuk: Did they commit a marketing sin?

Sri Lanka has had a surge of  e-hailing application applications being introduced to the market. Nowadays, customers have a wide plethora of options from PickMe to Uber to Hire1 and many more. With such a highly competitive market, TukTuk, the new e-hailing application entered the market in the late 2015, with the ...Read More

Loco over Enrique?

It wasn’t long ago when people were chiming with excitement about the concert of the world-headlining artist Enrique which had been scheduled as part of his ‘Sex and Love’ Tour. However, this excitement went through a rollercoaster of emotions on the day of the event. From excitement to frustration to rage, what ...Read More

Is Modern News Journalism in Sri Lanka clouded by Sharebait Posts?

When you hear the word “NEWS” what do you instantaneously associate it with? Perhaps you would think of a popular TV news programme, or a newspaper’s online portal, or even your favourite Social Media outlet, and if you like to keep it traditional, a newspaper. You may have not paid a lot ...Read More

The Case of PickMe and Uber: An Analysis of their Social Media Activity

Just like Cricket and Tea, hailing tuks has become a part of Sri Lanka’s identity and culture. So, why are we always complaining about it? And if we do have a problem with the regular tuks on the road, why don’t we use traditional taxi-hailing companies like Kangaroo Cabs or OnlineCabs? First, ...Read More

Is bullying the bullies, the way out? – Proposed Criminalization of Social Media Defamation

Daily News recently published an article regarding the possible introduction of a new law to control defamation in the form of slander and libel pertaining to Social Media. This law is said to have been proposed by the Law Commission to the Justice Ministry, which would treat defamation as a criminal offence. ...Read More

Social Media for Development and Governance Workshop Session

Rajit Hewagama, Director of Copacetic Media, conducted a session on the social media landscape of Sri Lanka during the Social Media for Development and Governance workshop that was held on 5th & 6th October. This two day event focused on the existing situation in Sri Lanka’s social media environment, and what sort ...Read More

Social Media Analysis: #StandForKesara

‘Social Media Analysis: #StandforKesara’ analyzes the Social media buzz surrounding an autistic rape victim. Kesara Kahandaliyanage, a 23-year-old came out of silence with allegations that he has been raped by 4 fellow employees of Green Cabin restaurant on its premises. Kesara is an exceptional individual suffering from autism. The social Media buzz ...Read More