Social Media for Development and Governance Workshop Session

Rajit Hewagama, Director of Copacetic Media, conducted a session on the social media landscape of Sri Lanka during the Social Media for Development and Governance workshop that was held on 5th & 6th October. This two day event focused on the existing situation in Sri Lanka’s social media environment, and what sort of steps need to be taken in utilizing social media in the future growth of the country. The programme was convened by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA).

The workshop saw the attendance of a number of Chief Information Officers from the Government sector. Other industry experts to conduct sessions included Muhunthan Canagey – ICTA, Dr Emmanuel Lallana – CEO of IdeaCorp, Gabrielle Iglesias – Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, and Nalaka Gunawardena – ICT researcher and columnist.
Rajit Hewagama’s session brought to attention the internet, mobile, and social media reach statistics of Sri Lanka, and how leading brands and politicians in the country were embracing social media to send their messages across and build a strong follower base. The highlight of his session was the comparison of how social media is being used for governance between Sri Lanka and other countries. Rajit spoke of how much of an improvement Sri Lankan Government agencies had to pursue compared to the counterparts of Singapore, India and Australia.

Rajit Hewagama’s ICTA workshop session presentation could be viewed here:


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