Social Media Review: Urban Ladder featuring animals on their newest campaign

“Social Media Review: Urban Ladder featuring animals on their newest campaign” is the Weekly Digital Marketing Review by It’s a weekly recap of all the important campaigns & news from the digital marketing industry.


    • To build awareness and brand affinity in Vietnam’s crowded engine oil market, Total Hi-Perf drove straight for the heart with the message that it’s ‘Time to Give Back to Your Bike’. The short film uploaded to YouTube takes us through a story about a man’s life journey; we see him buying his first bike, driving off with his newlywed wife, bringing baby home, struggling through muddy roads in the pouring rain, pulling in with big ticket items to expand the family home, and finally, giving a bottle of Total Hi- Perf Engine Oil to his now-grown son to put in the bike, then handing him the keys. As the scenes fly by, the voice over plays out like love letter: “With you, I know there is nothing but a bright path ahead… Your trust gives me strength to move mountains”. At first, it seems the man is talking about his wife. But in the end, it turns out that he was talking to his motorbike.

  • Urban Ladder, online furniture and home décor company (India) has released a new online campaign with four short videos featuring pets titled ‘Creature Comforts’. Pets are the protagonists in campaign that talk about the different services offered by Urban Ladder such as free delivery & assembly, interest free EMIs, easy replacement and returns and cash or card on delivery.

Ad 01- Barking Up The Wrong Tree!

Ad 02- Old Dog. New Tricks!

Ad 03- Cats On Delivery. Really?

Ad 04- A Catty Sense Of Humour!

  • A new Nike campaign for the Korea market by Wieden + Kennedy Tokyo highlights young people defying traditional expectations. In this 1.20 minute YouTube video a retired Korean soccer star Lee Young-pyo plays a variety of naysaying characters telling young soccer players, basketball players and boxers that their efforts are a waste of time. Those naysayings represents the traditional beliefs the society holds; but still those young athletes didn’t stop, but worked even harder and achieved the impossible. The video adds value to Nike’s overall ‘Just Do It’ brand proposition.


  • Comedian Nikki Glaser stars in the latest installment of Toyota’s “Fueled By Everything” campaign. The focus of the series is on the automaker’s hydrogen powered Mirai model and educating consumers on hydrogen fuel. Glasser meets some kids who are not profiting in the lemonade selling business. She explains that rather than throwing the lemonade away, it can be used to power a car. The campaign video takes on an educational approach with a humorous twist.

  • This week’s most viral video is Pepsi’s ‘The Friend Finder’.  THe video is about a campaign, they did on famous Music festivals. They have smartly identified a problem that many people who visit these festivals face; that is loosing their friends in the crowd. With the help of advanced drone technology and a mobile app Pepsi helped many festival lovers find their friends without a hassle. The video was published on August 18th, 2015, and it has received a staggering 2,246,934 YouTube views this week, becoming the ‘most viral video’.

        (Data Courtesy: Visible measures, True Reach metric systems)

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