Cyber Bullying

Domestic Violence and Social Media

Social media has penetrated many levels of society and undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in influencing minds for both the positive and the negative. One sensitive area of social media and the impact of its role is domestic violence. Domestic violence can be either physical, verbal or emotional. We hear and see, almost every other …

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The inside out of the viral trend on social media Actress Rose Mcgowan (claim to fame from Charmed), boldly went where many would dare not, exposing Harvey Weinstein and the sexual harassment charges against him. Her Twitter account was blocked at one point, though it was quickly restored. Other actresses who had her back like …

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Fighting Depression Online

Fighting Depression Online

I’ve written about cyber-bullying before and about how Social Media can play a role in both the negative aspect of mental health and the positive as well. Recent events, such as various suicides that went viral on social media compelled me to write a bit more on the cause. So, what is depression? The only …

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