Instagram in Sri Lanka

Instagram in Sri Lanka

A survey summary on the most and least followed Instagram accounts in Sri Lanka based on several categories

Instagram is no stranger to the social media using community in Sri Lanka. However, when compared to Facebook or Twitter, the usage is not as high. The social media platform is yet to penetrate society in Sri Lanka.

Here are some of the most prominent statistics that stood out for us during our survey to gain an idea on the Instagram usage in Sri Lanka by prominent figures and brands.

Political figures

  • Ranjan Ramanayake – 3 posts, 26.7k followers 326 following
  • Maithreepala Sirisena – 0 posts, 68 followers, 173 following
  • Faiszer Musthapha – 0 posts, 5 followers, 6 following

What we noticed in general is that Sri Lankan politicians have not yet started using Instagram. Perhaps, they feel that it might not be the best forum for them because of its photo sharing nature that does not allow for much description?

Actors and other celebrities

  • Yureninoshika – 997 posts, 249k followers, 168 following
  • Sanuka.musick – 721 posts, 98.6k followers, 292 following
  • Natasha Rathnayake – 1957 posts, followers 131,248, following 705
  • Vireshcooray –  990 posts, 34.7k followers, 414 following – good use

It appears that the new generation of actors and musicians in Sri Lanka are making the most of Instagram as well as other platforms. On Instagram, they seem to share photos of important professional moments as well as fashion statements and personal moments that would appeal to their fans. There was good use of hashtags and their audience seems to interact well with them.


  • Bakes by Bella – 5419 posts, 32.9k followers, 1803 following
  • Gappiya – 24 posts, 48k followers, 18k following
  • Wasthi –  69 posts, 21.1k followers, 3 following

Many of the young brands in Sri Lanka, like celebrities, seem to be using Instagram quite well. While businesses like Bakes by Bella are entirely Instagram based and attract a massive audience through the platform, Wasthi and Gappiya are brands that have diverted and reached out their popular YouTube channels and Facebook pages successfully onto Instagram through tactful and witty as well as humorous posts, unique to their brands.

Upcoming and unique entrepreneurs (millennials) in SL

  • Dimmu Fernando – tattoo artist – 719 posts, 8149 followers, 1176 following –
  • Cloud Attic – Photography – 41 posts, 2943 followers, 15 following
  • – Online source for local music – 358 posts, 474 followers, 384 following

In this category we looked at some of the unique and upcoming entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. Dimmu Fernando is a tattoo artist who is considered among the top three artists in Sri Lanka. His portfolio is well updated on Instagram and has good interaction but given his repertoire there is certainly room for improvement. Cloud Attic run by Aki Peiris, is a premium choice of photography for all wedding related needs today. While his Facebook page is well updated there is more room for improvement on IG. caters to the local music industry and musicians in Sri Lanka. Because they are a rather unique platform, Instagram use can be maximized to reach out to  wider audiences and perhaps bring some international reach that is much needed.


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