Global Content Creation for TV

Where is content creation for television headed globally?

Earlier we spoke about a little bit about television and content creation globally in brief in one of our pieces. Today, we hope to continue, speaking about content creation for television on a global level and what is being done at present across a few networks that are watched globally.


Netflix, is reportedly all on board for investing $6 billion on original content. According to a shareholder letter that was done earlier this year, the move has been propelled by the massive revenue that came in thanks to decisions like Stranger Things, The Crown and Black Mirror that scored sky high ratings for their originality. According to the company, their introducing original content since 2013 has significantly increased the popularity of its shows and many of them have been trending as well such as Stranger Things.

Amazon Studios

According to L2, Amazon Studios decided to put in as much as $4.1 billion on original content creation this year. After Transparent won an Emmy last year, Jeff Begoz seemed to have developed a vast interest in expanding the horizons of creating original content that would eventually translate to revenues.


NBC is showing the trend of working with mobile and social media apps to create original content after they announced about partnering up with Snapchat for the same. The channel has seen vast spurts of growth with dramas like The Blacklist all the way to daily soaps and sitcoms like The Days of Our Lives and planned on spending a sum of $4.3 billion towards content generation this year.


According to research, ABC is also putting down about $4 billion to find and create original content while according to Variety reports earlier this year, the network also caused a digital buzz when they re-launched free streaming for seven short stories on their network in addition to complete seasons of 38 older shows on ABC.


Game of Thrones that is being aired on HBO is definitely one of the highest ranked TV shows on the network. Westworld is also a series that received massive acclaim thanks to its originality which is why the network has decided to shell $.5 billion in original content creation.


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