Cinnamon Grand Hotel

Cinnamon Grand Hotel Social Media Analysis

The Cinnamon Grand Hotel prides itself as the best five star hotel in Colombo. The hotel’s website welcomes the weary traveler to a place where the senses are delighted and desires are indulged. A place where a person can pick the pace and choose the mood; and a place to either explore the city or escape it. The hotel’s location at the heart of Colombo has made it a favourite among many travelers. The Cinnamon Grand Hotel social media analysis takes a closer look at the hotel’s online social pages.

We analyzed the social media presence of the hotel in order to find out whether it maintains the same level of high standards in this field as well. The hotel has a Facebook page, a blog, a Twitter account, a linkedIn page and a Google + hangout.

Despite its reputation, Cinnamon Grand’s Facebook page  has a meager number of fans- 12,500 (in relation to its popularity). As one would expect, the Facebook page features photos of scrumptious food and deserts, promotions, new products and important guests. The page also features events that were held for employees, hotel events and awards won by Cinnamon Grand.


 Nevertheless, the Facebook page would be more successful if it contained more engaging content such as quizzes, competitions and user generated social media campaigns.  Facebook is an interactive platform where a company can build stronger, in depth relationships with its customers and the hotel should use it to place engaging content and build up its fan base. In 2009, when user-generated social media campaigns were first getting popular, launched an online campaign encouraging users to submit photos of themselves jumping on hotel beds.

 This was a runaway hit and even got picked up in the mainstream media. Cinnamon Grand can learn from and encourage guests to post their experiences of the hotel.

The Cinnamon Grand Twitter account seems a relatively new affair with only 600+ tweets and 184 followers. Almost all the tweets are regarding new delicacies available at the hotel’s many restaurants.

To make the most out of Twitter, the hotel should publicize its account and slowly build up the number of followers. Following key people, publications and others related to the tourism industry will  give the Twitter account more publicity. We noticed some instances where Cinnamon Grand has used Twitter to answer and interact with guests.

This practice is commendable and should be continued. With time, the hotel can use Twitter to convey its corporate identity, educate the public about its CSR practices and use it as a tool for corporate communication.

The Cinnamon Grand Hotel’s blog is easy to navigate and read. Using the tagline ‘blogging for your indulgence’, it features all the major events at the hotel with high quality pictures and graphics.

Three icons at the right hand corner cross promotes the hotel’s Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts. However, it was noticed that the blog replicates content previously featured on the company’s Facebook page and that it does not feature articles. The blog would garner more success if it is used to post content tailor made for the blog and features well written and concise articles.

Video is a much underutilized tool for business and Cinnamon Grand will benefit greatly if it creates a YouTube account. Videos featuring tours, special events and testimonials can educate a prospective guest of what awaits him/her at the hotel. Furthermore, videos can be used to highlight the majesty and magnificence of Sri Lanka and provide illumination to guests from around the world. The setting up of a YouTube account and posting high quality videos should be the next step of the hotel’s social media team.

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