Digital Marketing Weekly Review 03

Digital Marketing Weekly Review 03 is a weekly recap of all the important campaigns & news of the digital marketing industry.


  • Apple’s Spring keynote was held on 9th March. The spotlight was on the new MacBook (which weigh 2 pounds and 24% thinner) and the revolutionary Apple Watch (with exciting features like Glance and Digital touch). Apple’s 2015 Keynote ‘Spring Forward’ created a huge social buzz just minutes after the big announcements. Top trending topics on Twitter were;

– At the 1-hour 35-minute presentation, there were overall 388,710 Tweets around Apple. In terms of specific products: 132,174 around Apple Watch, 85,815 Tweets around MacBook, 39,555 Tweets around HBO, and 37,674 Tweets around Apple TV.

– There were twice as many negative Tweets as positive Tweets around Apple TV during the presentation. The audience wanted an upgraded Apple TV, not a cheaper Apple TV.
– MacBook, which had the newest product announcements, had the highest positive sentiment during the event, with 1.8 positive Tweets for every negative one.

– During the event, there were 7,964 Apple Watch related Tweets talking about battery life. With the MacBook, the Retina screen was the most talked about feature, generating 5,456 real-time Tweets.


  • This week’s most viral video is Ad council’s newest campaign video ‘Love Has No Labels’. This video communicates a powerful message to viewers all around the world about love. The video was released on 3rd March 2015, and it has recorded a staggering 39,396,797 YouTube views this week, becoming the ‘most viral video’.

             (Data Courtesy: Visible measures, True Reach metric systems)



Bournvita- a brand of Cadbury India, released their newest installment for its ongoing campaign ‘Tayyari Jeet ki’ (Preparation for victory). The video uploaded to YouTube takes the viewers on an emotional journey of a mother and a son. It highlights the strong relationship between a mother and a child, it also gives out the message that parents are not merely advisers to their children but their ‘Partners’ on their journeys


    • Twitter International made a major announcement on 11th March,  2015 regarding their global operations. Twitter has opened a new office in Hong Kong to target & help brands in China.

    • Nestle’s famous Wafer brand ‘MUNCH’ is a very famous product among youths in India. The brand recently released a new video which is created by JWT. The video attempts to create a new trend called #MUNCHification, a mix of Hindi and English. They’re trying to communicate the message that language is not a barrier to your success, just MUNCHify it and go for it.


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                                             ~Dee Hock


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