Digital Marketing Weekly Review 08

Digital Marketing Weekly Review 08 is a weekly recap of all the important campaigns & news from the digital marketing industry.

  • Toyota is world- renowned for its innovation. Setting industry standards even higher, the company is about to unveil its biggest ever innovation- Toyota Mirai this autumn. The company recently released a video titled as ‘Fueled by Bullshit’ depicting how manure can be used to run a hydrogen powered car, on April 22nd celebrating the World Earth Day.


  • This week’s most viral video is Hyundai’s newest campaign ‘A Message to Space’. This project managed to secure a Guinness World Record for the ‘largest tire track ever’ an enormous 5,556,411.86 m² (59,808,480.26 ft²) long tire track. The video was released on 9th April 2015, and it has recorded a staggering 28,451,213 YouTube views this week, becoming the ‘most viral video’.

(Data Courtesy: Visible measures, True Reach metric systems)


  • Ringo, an international calling app from Directi, has launched its first digital campaign video. It is being titled as ‘Grandma’. The key product attributes it aimed to market are the crystal clear connection, no internet connection required and the 60 mins free for the first downloaders.


  • Hallmark Card’s campaign for Mother’s Day features a new twist on its #PutYourHeartToPaper social experiment. The greeting card maker asked adults to describe their mom on video. Instead of the typical phrases usually penned in cards, they opened up and shared experiences and their admiration for their mom. What they didn’t know was that their mother was watching it live from the next room. This campaign gives out a strong message to the community on how strong-willed mothers are and how they’ve inspired their children to lead a happier & a better life than they did.

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”       

~Peter. F. Drucker

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