Importance of Content in SEO

Importance of Content in SEO

“Quality content is the most effective SEO tactic, with 57% of search engine marketers choosing content creation over other tactics.”

According to a worldwide survey conducted by research and marketing professionals, Ascend2, quality content is the most effective tactic for a website to have good SEO results, compared to other activities such as social media integration, frequent blogging, link building and website updating.


With major search engines focusing on creating the best possible user experience, they continue to update their algorithms in order to provide users the sites that offer the most relevant information for their searches. While search engine rankings consider various elements, content – rich in quality and relevance – still remains the most important factor for a website’s visibility.


Content is the heart of any media. From the radio to the television, books to newspapers, and stage performances to conferences, content is what drives any form of communication. This applies to internet media as well. An online entity’s success – even in SEO terms – relies mostly on its content. And good writing skills is the key to developing such effective content.


Google’s Matt Cutts, member of the Search Quality and SEO team and leader of the Webspam team, explains the simple truth of the importance of content in SEO.

“People visit sites that offer unique and substantial information. So, start developing more content if your site is lacking it. Build up pages and articles about topics related to the search terms that you want to be found for.”


Cutts also speaks of the quality of the content that websites should possess. Reproducing duplicate content and piling up the site with keywords would make the website spammy. It is also noteworthy that even if a site is compliant with Google’s algorithm updates; Panda and Penguin, it is not going to have high search rankings if its content is of low quality.

“It’s wild to see some networks just repackage the same spammy content and have the nerve to claim that their content is “Panda and Penguin compliant” when the quality of the site is clearly not at the level that even a regular person would choose to read it. People should also remember that it is still not a good idea to repeat a ton of content over and over again.”

Elisa Gabbert, a member of the search marketing review team of WordStream, mirrors the words of Matt Cutts and offers her views on what matters the most for a site’s search engine rankings.

“Google has always stressed that quality, unique, user-friendly content is the key to search engine rankings.”


Tony Adam, former SEO Manager of Yahoo, while emphasizing on content, offers some tips on how to make your site more visible and relevant for search engines.

“Identify everything your company does, and include those keywords and phrases in your content. Optimizing your keywords accordingly in your pages, titles, URLs, content and images would result in you having a quality site.”


Bing, rebranded and launched much recently compared to Google and Yahoo, has its own set of algorithms which it uses to rank websites. According to Duane Forrester, the Senior Product Manager of Bing, the search engine’s algorithms mainly consider a site’s content when ranking them.

“Content, by far, is the number one thing businesses need to focus on. Content is what the searcher is looking for. The searcher is not looking for the most optimized website for mobile. We at Bing rank content as our priority, over user experience, link building and the site’s social interactions.”


It is evident, that no matter what search engine algorithms you try to make your site comply with, nothing could beat the potential that quality content has towards a site’s visibility. Therefore, a content marketer’s focus should be on identifying the products or activities of an entity and develop high quality content for the website. Doing so, the site is very likely to be recognized by search engines and given its due by being placed high on search rankings.


Producing content that is SEO friendly requires proper analysis and effective writing skills. In our experience of working with clients relating to SEO projects, we have experienced how producing high quality content through expert writing has been helpful in increasing the visibility of our client sites’ on search engine results.

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