Job Sites in Sri Lanka an analysis

Job Sites in Sri Lanka: An Analysis

Job sites in Sri Lanka play a crucial role currently in the job market. Be it candidates looking out for the latest top opportunities, employers looking for the best individual, headhunters or otherwise, one could speculate that the online platform of job hunting has almost taken over the traditional printed media.

This week, we take an analytical look at the eminent features of the top Sri Lankan job sites and how effective they are.

We will be looking at three key aspects:

  •         Features
  •         How easy are they to use?
  •         Social Media integration

For ease of comprehension, here is a summarised table of what we observed on each site:

Name Of Site Features On Page At A Glance Selection Criteria Available Social Media Integration Home, Jobs, Companies, Career Advice, Recruitment, Sign in, Register CV, language Translator, list of companies recruiting now, list of job categories, list of jobs opportunities by location, companies by industry search bar with option of choosing city and keyword input G+, Facebook and LinkedIn clearly indicated Advertise, NEW tab that gives education, skills, carreers in Topjobs, featured employers, partners, LMI, media room, classifieds, contact us, full listing of jobs available Govt jobs, search bar, NGO, Part time, Walk-in Interviews, search tips, job categories Twitter, Facebook and G+ poorly integrated Home, About Us, Post a Job, Get Job Alerts, Contact Us, list of top available jobs, apply now options staright from job advert Keywords, category, location, salary range, full time, part time, internship, select all, search Not specified on site Pop-up on entry to website offering selection for employers and employees both, you have to login to access the site, list of all available jobs, search option search bar Unable to access without sign up Home, Job seekers, employers, head hunetrs, all vacancies, foreign vacancies, contact us, list of jobs available, featured employers Company name, Ref No, Keyword, Search bar Facebook positioned at bottom of page which is unclear and link does not work Home, Job Journal, Courses, Find Jobs, sign up, login, For employers, contact us, translation options for English and Sinhala, pop-up with a small list of latest jobs, list of top employers, a small list with various serach tips and job hints as well as advise Keywords, location, search bar, list of recommended jobs, list of, job categories, job categories, most popular jobs, full time, part time, internship Not specified on site. Chat box available



When it comes to features,,,, and all offered a rather extensive amount of features.

On the other hand, did offer features but because you cannot actually access the page without signing up or logging in, it does not allow for much browsing especially, if the respective candidate or employer is surfing around looking for the site that would be the most compatible with them.

All of the sites offered key features such as a search bar with selection criteria, contact options, featured employers and job lists.

How easy are they to use? comes out as the topper here with a clean, simple and straightforward accessibility. Everything is neatly organised, the colour scheme is easy on the eyes and even a first time user can clearly understand where everything is placed on the site. Even though their employer and job lists are extensive the manner in which they have been separated into segments are quite neat., despite being one of the leading sites in Sri Lanka does look messy and cluttered on a first glance. The jobs are all listed one below the other and appear to be a bit too much to take in while the dark maroon and yellow colour scheme is also not too pleasant. They do offer a really great selection of jobs, however, the clutter makes it hard to search or locate anything in one go., and all offer similar levels of user-friendly access with clear sections and compatible colour schemes. However when compared to Topjobs and the selection that they give out at a glance is a bit lacking in terms of categories, employers and jobs. is not very user-friendly. It is imperative that a user is able to browse through the site at least once before deciding if they want to sign up. However, Dreamjobs does not allow this option. On all other job sites, signing up and uploading your CV is a must and has to be done before applying for jobs. However, they do not restrict the user from going to the site regardless of whether they have logged in or not. The fact that you must sign up before even looking for the jobs available and featured companies could act as a huge deterrent to many candidates and employers. The signup process is tedious with the user having to wait for an invitation to be sent on email once they select their desired criteria to join the page.

Social Media Integration integrates their social media pages extremely well onto their website. The options of Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn are offered at the very top and bottom of the home page and with one click takes you to their pages where they offer clean and concise tips for interviews, remote interviews, CV building, job hunting and others. Each of the pages is neatly finished with info that is readily available, is devoid of jargon and easy to find. does not integrate their social media well. The links to access the Twitter, Facebook and G+ pages are hidden away in the right hand of the site under some adverts and login in tabs. When clicked it appears that the G+ page is not working/maintained while the other two can be rated as average and not very up to date. does not give their social media pages on their homepage or any links to them. Even once the “Contact us” tab is clicked it only offers their address and contact number as well as email. does not specify any of their social media pages on their website home page. However, they do offer a chat box at the bottom of the page where potential candidates and recruiters could speak real-time with the help at Everjobs. does not give any other social media apart from their Facebook page which is positioned poorly at the bottom left of their homepage in blue alongside many other text boxes all in the same shade of blue which offers next to nothing highlighting. The link too when clicked does not appear to work correctly. does not appear to offer their social media page links and the page cannot be accessed unless logged in.

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