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Social Media Analysis of Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel

Cinnamon Lakeside is ranked as the best 5 star hotel by the Sri Lanka tourist board. According to its website, the hotel offers an inimitable blend of luxury, personal attention, sincerity and warmth. In the social media sphere, Cinnamon Lakeside has a  Facebook account, a Twitter feed, a linkedIn page, a Google+ account and Foursquare. This social media analysis takes a closer look at the Facebook and Twitter pages of Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel.

Similar to Cinnamon Grand, its sister hotel, Cinnamon Lakeside’s Facebook page is full of pictures of delicious food, new promotions, popular guests and so on.

The page is liked by more than 16,000 people. The page also features the hotel’s CSR activities, annual events, awards won by the hotel and green tips.

The hotel can seek to expand its fan base by holding exciting competitions and free giveaways. More content where fans are invited to engage with the Facebook page will prove to be useful. The page administrators should also take every measure to reply to customer inquiries and complaints.

Apologizing where necessary is a must and would reflect well on the PR policy of the hotel. One area through which businesses can gain publicity is by liking industry related pages. Liking the pages and posts of international publications and travel websites such as Conde Nast, Lonely Planet, Travel World, National Geographic Traveler and others will garner publicity for the hotel’s page. The Facebook page of Cinnamon Lakeside should also provide links to its Twitter, Google plus, LinkedIn and other social media accounts. At present, the lack of cross promotion is a major drawback. Another way in which the FB page can maximize its impact is by asking guests to write reviews about the hotel and by giving special treats and discounts to the most active users.

Cinnamon Lakeside’s Twitter feed has more than 150 followers. This is significantly less than the 16,0000 odd Facebook fans. However, as we mentioned earlier the Twitter account is not cross promoted by the Facebook page. This is the first step that the hotel should take in order to gain more followers. Almost all the tweets by Cinnamon Lakeside are replicas of earlier posts on Facebook.

 This means that an individual who follows the hotel in both Facebook and Twitter will not be exposed to unique content through Twitter. This is a waste and the hotel will benefit more if it tweets unique content which is geared to engage its followers. Sharing travel tips, news about city events and information on local weather and attractions is a great way to start.

One great way in which the hotel can impact prospective guests is by creating a YouTube account. Developing videos that are smart, engaging and professional is an effective way to capture the interest of future guests. High quality videos showing the hotel, Colombo and Sri Lanka will be much more effective than just using images. Not using YouTube is like passing the largest free advertising campaign that lasts forever.  The social media marketing team of Cinnamon Lakeside should also take the effort to establish a blog. A blog builds traffic, increases credibility and allows for better customer service. Blogging is probably the best way to inform the public regarding the hotel’s CSR activities. An engaging blog with well written articles and attractive pictures can do wonders to the image of a company.

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