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Social Media Marketing

One of the key aspects of driving a successful social media page or campaign is to provide the correct content. The content that you provide needs to be able to reflect the brand image, generate interest among viewers, stand out from competitors and be engaging. They also need to have a fresh perspective and be original. The correct content combined with great graphics and timely advertising, is the best PR that any company could ask for. Here are some great content ideas that could work well for any brand in general.

  • Quick links

Users are discouraged to continue on the page when they have to access links and wait for pages to load. Instead provide short and easily accessed bits of information that will increase their interest in the brand.

  • Product photos

Of course you can provide links that will take them to pages that speak of the products and services that your company offers, but displaying images of the products themselves will also help a great deal.

  • Customer photo re-posts

Re-posting videos or images that have been posted by customers with regards to your brand is a great way to drive traffic and increase engagement. Ask for permission and tag the respective customer as well for best results.

What better way to get the opinion of the customer and drive more interaction other than designing polls that will grab their attention?

  • Photos and videos of behind-the-scenes instances

This method will add the human element to your campaign and generate interest among users. Make sure that the content is entertaining and that the moments captured show off the essence of your brand.

  • Get customers to name products

This could actually become a contest where you can as your customers to name a product that you are offering. The winner gets a prize of some sort. This will help build brand awareness and trust among your audience.

  • A day in the life pictures

If you are running a business single-handedly, try to post one or two images and videos of random yet entertaining personal moments which will help customers connect the brand to a human face and automatically feel more comfortable about it.

  • Flash sales

Use social media to promote any flash sales that you may have the intention of putting up. Clearance sales are good examples of flash sales, where you start a countdown on your social media page to the date of the sale which will improve awareness and generate an interest among users.

  • Weekly roundups

It;s great to share your taste with your customers. It makes you original and people like to follow originality. Share your favourite videos and blogs from the week across your social media platforms so that your customers can get an insight into your interests.

  • “Cause posts”

Are you a philanthropist at heart? If you support a good cause and want others o know about it, post it on your social media. In addition to building better bridges with your clients, it will also get them to contribute to a worthy cause that might otherwise go unnoticed.


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