Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Sri Lanka Weekly Social Media News Update 06/03/2017

Our latest update on what created the buzz on Social Media in Sri Lanka and around the world

What Went Viral in Sri Lanka?

  • Prisoner Udaya Shantha or “Samayan” was killed – prisoner bus attacked en route

A group of gang members were en route on prison transport when they were ambushed. In the resulting chaos, the prosecuted lost their lives. A graphic video of the aftermath of this incident has been going viral and can be watched here. However, the video is incredibly graphic and we recommend that sensitive individuals or children not watch it.

Ambush on prison transport Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

This Week’s International Hubub

  • Donald Trump’s New Presidential Car Is Unbelievable

President Trump’s new limo also known as Cadillac One or The Beast is something that created headlines for being like something out of the knight rider. Not the looks, rather its strength, security and functionality. The LADBible posted on this on their Facebook page which received over 4.7k reactions, 545 shares and over 692 comments.

Stats of the Week

Asian Paints Sri Lanka Weekly Social Media News Update

Dialog Axiata Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Women in Islam Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Things you should know

  • Facebook artificial intelligence spots suicidal users

Facebook has now started using artificial intelligence to identify its users that may be at a risk of committing suicide. The algorithms developed by the social network identify warnings via posts and comments in the user profiles. These are then passed on to the Facebook’s human review team and the company contacts these users offering help and in an effort to discourage them from self-harm. While the tool is only been tested in the US at the moment, the suicide helpline chief of the country stated that the mechanism is “ not just helpful but critical”.

Zuckerburg had announced last month that they intend to employ algorithms to identify potential terrorism posts and other sensitive content. The suicide detection algorithm, therefore, marks the first usage of artificial intelligence to review messages and posts on the network.

In addition, Facebook announced methods of handling suicidal behaviour on the Facebook Live Broadcast tool and partnered up with several of the US mental health organisations to allow afflicted users to contact them through the Facebook Messenger.

  • Twitter upgrades features aimed at helping users combat trolling, abuse

Twitter has introduced a set of new features to help combat abusive trolling. This also includes a new addition to its “mute” feature that allows its users to select a definite or indefinite period of time to mute somebody or an account and its content.

  • Google takes on Cable with Youtube TV – 40 channels for $35

Google has decided to join the “skinny bundle” TV competition with Youtube TV. Youtube TV is a paid subscription service that lets the user stream a variety of premium broadcast as well as cable networks to a mobile, tablet, computer or basically anything with Chromecast. At just $35 you get access to 40 channels and according to Youtube CEO Susan Wojicicki, it is the evolution of television which is able to “give the younger generation the content that they love with the flexibility they expect.”

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