Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Sri Lanka Weekly Social Media News Update 06/11/2017

Here’s our latest update of what went viral on social media in Sri Lanka and around the world

This week our team wrote about;

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What went​ ​Viral​ ​in​ ​Sri​ ​Lanka?

  • Provincial  elections to be held  before 31st January 2018

The brief interview that media held with Prasanna Ranatunga, from the United Opposition stated that there have been several rumours around to suggest that the UNP and the SLFP will join hands in the provincial election. However, he also mentioned that anything is possible and that the current government cannot be trusted and the only option there is, is to wait for the elections to happen. The video went viral on the Ada Derana Facebook page.

  • Petrol shortage in Sri Lanka

Another piece of news that went viral on social media is the shortage of petrol in the island. While many people had posted on Facebook to say that there is no way to get the fuel pumped into their vehicles owing to the shortage, this particular tweet gives fantastic insight into the plight of consumers in the face of the fuel outage by indicating that the queue at the Navy petrol pump was over 800 metres long.

This Week’s International Hubbub

  • Truck Driver Kills Eight in Lower Manhattan

The news that was shared on the Facebook page of Dateline NBC went viral quickly among the masses. The news refers to the act of terror committed by a box truck driver who drove onto the bicycle lane in Lower Manhattan where it mowed down several people and injured others taking the lives of eight in total before crashing into a school bus. Officials have hailed it as the deadliest act of terror in NYC after 9/11

  • TV presenter flashes audience after thinking a spider had crawled up her dress while live on air

Daily Mail posted a news article, with a generous amount of humour in it with regrad to a TV presenter who accidentally flashed the spectators when she thought that a spider had crawled up her dress. However, while the news item went viral for the humour that it carries, many viewers had also criticized the page for deviating from more important news that should go viral like the killings in Kenya.

Stats of the Week

It is not the first time that the Facebook page Bro has ranked among the top five fastest growing community Facebook pages in Sri Lanka despite the fact that they do not, still, maintain a good relationship with YouTube. It is important to note therefore, that sometimes, even though YouTube is a great medium which should be used, if a community of a page has gotten acclimatized to a certain medium and if the admin know how to do their job well on that medium, it could still be a success.

Bro – බ්රෝ YouTube Channel statistics are as follows:

Total Subscribers -61
Total Videos -8
Total views -59,358

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