Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Sri Lanka Weekly Social Media Update 20/01/2017

Here’s what made the list of the top ranking social media news in Sri Lanka and across the globe, this week.

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  • Dolly Hanging – a thought-provoking look at the unfortunate incident of a 12 year olf girl committing suicide on live stream and the instances where social media has actually managed to save lives.

What Went Viral in Sri Lanka?

  • Wimal Weeravansa’s arrest goes viral on UFPA Facebook page

The recent arrest of Wimal Weerawansa was something that sparked a lot of interest and made the headlines on both social media and others. The UFPA Facebook page shared a post that received 2.3k likes, 3368 shares and over 65 comments. The trend of UFPA to go out with their social media, indicates their strategy to communicate with the masses through the best possible and most popular medium. It is clever thinking.


Wimal Weerawansa arrested

  • Wimal Weerawansa’s great PR

Under arrest, Wimal Weerawansa’s PR team seems to be doing a great job of marketing a positive image of the politician. The official Facebook page of Wimal, posted a video showing many public figures such as artists who came to see him during this difficult time. They shared their thoughts, rather candidly and this helps to certainly project a positive image of Wimal Weerawansa during a time of controversy, where his reputation is tarnished. It also looks like a good strategy to counter the many negative comments that people seem to be making about the entire situation. Any publicity is good publicity?

Artists visit Wimal Weerawansa


  • E-news editor to be arrested

The alleged issue of red notice or warrant or arrest to the Editor and Founder of Lanka E News, Sandaruwan Senadheera is one that has received quite the coverage on social media. A post on the Ada Derana Facebook page saw the likes of 150 shares and 4k likes. The arrest warrant was apparently issued by a judge after a particular post on the news site, offended judges in Sri Lanka. However, there seems to be a bit of controversy on the subject as a lawyer who deals with INTERPOL had spoken out to say that there is no substance in the aforementioned arrest warrant as it has not been done according to procedure. Time will tell if the warrant was indeed filed with regards to the inappropriate post or if it has any political tethers as speculated by many. Meanwhile, this is also a clear case of how anything on social media can be “blown out of proportion” and how online expression needs to remain ethical and as much as possible, unbiased.

Lankae News Chief Editor arrest warrant


  • 2017 is organised for the seventh time to recognise the best websites in Sri Lanka 2017 is the seventh instalment of the competition which is held with the intention of nurturing, promoting and populating the best websites in Sri Lanka. The registrations for the competition have now begun. competition 2017

This Week’s International Hubub

  • The curious case of Jallikattu

Jallikattu is the name given to traditional bullfights which have grown to be, over the years, part of the identity in Chennai. Over 4000 protesters flocked to the area to say no to the bullfight ban that was imposed. The post that went on BBC India was liked and shared by hundreds who debated the pros and cons of the ban. The hashtag #JusticeforJallikattu went viral with hundreds tweeting their objection against the ban. According to an article on the Times of India the pro-jallikattu social media campaign is one that starkly contrasted with the lack on enthusiasm to the candidate run in the election last year. The comparison showed that even with the use of clever memes and the likes, the participation in Chennai for the election was at its lowest. However, in the case of Jallikattu the public showed genuine passion and interest in state politics and the many causes that have caused displeasure among public. Interestingly, the Tamil communities in Sri Lanka were also seen joining these protests in support of the movement in Tamil Nadu by arranging demonstrations; two of which happened in Chavakachcheri and Nallur.

Stats of the Week

  • Last week’s Fastest Growing Corporate Facebook Page in Sri Lanka – Galaxy Chocolate Sri Lanka

The Galaxy Chocolate Sri Lanka Facebook page was seen to be the fastest growing corporate facebook page in Sri Lanka this week. The possible reason could be that, the page had started advertising and marketing, in quite a timely manner, for the Valentines that is around the corner. They seem to be preparing for “dates” to be given away by Galaxy along with a new type of chocolate that they seem to be introducing in time for the 14th of February 2017.

galaxy chocolate Sri Lanka


  • Fastest-Growing Brands Profiles in Sri Lanka – Dialog Axiata

Dialog Axiata is still holding its rank from last week as the Fastest Growing Brands Profile in Sri Lanka on Twitter. Their clever use of the #ngage has seemed to work in their favour with many still following them and the hashtag.

Dialog Axiata Stats


  • Fastest-Growing Society Pages in Sri Lanka – AMDT – Academy of Multimedia Design & Technology

AMDT has managed to be the fastest growing society page in Sri Lanka. Their Facebook page has a very cleverly designed cover image which states, “This is what you do after O/L. Foundation Diploma Animation and Design”, which in itself is enough the draw the attention of the current generation that gives more importance to starting on their careers as opposed to sitting through A/Ls. The institution seems to have recognised this and marketed perfectly for their biggest audience. They also seem to be holding a competition by the name of “Art of the Week” which could also have encouraged the number of followers on their page who are enthusiastic about design.

AMDT Statistics

  • Fastest-Growing Political Profiles in Sri Lanka – Mahinda Rajapaksa

With all the news that’s making the headlines about Hambantota, toppling the government and the like, it is not a surprise that former president Mahinda Rajapaksa takes the fastest growing society profile on Twitter. He also has a huge following of people who have been continuously loyal to him and his vision. The controversial state that Yahapalanaya is in given the many foreign investments, free trade agreements and Hambantota protests that have been going on, the public also seems to be showing signs of gravitating towards the former president.

Mahinda Rajapaksa Twitter Page

  • Top Youtube Channels in Sri Lanka

According to Socialblade, the number 01 youtuber this week is “Apecrime”, a German youtuber who has a total subscription os 3,505,325. The videos are mostly along the lines of games, tattoos and the likes of subjects which are considered NSFW or on the edge..

Top Youtube Channel


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