Twitter for Marketing

Twitter for Marketing

How can brands use Twitter as a medium for marketing themselves?

Twitter lets you use 140 characters to tweet anything. That, is the bottom-line. So how can you use this social media platform to market your brand? It does seem as per experts who have succeeded at doing this, that Twitter is a great marketing tool even though it has been put on the back burner when compared when Facebook and Instagram these days. Here’s  a look at how you can use Twitter for online marketing. See, if these will work for you too.


  • Use the right username


Twitter allows 15 characters for usernames. If you are promoting your brand online, make sure that your username is one that reflects the brand and is a suitable one.


  • Brand-centric profiles are the way to go


Your Twitter profile will allow for a bio, an avatar and cover images. These should all reflect your brand clearly. Visual elements that are clear will do the trick in this case. The bio needs to be short yet cohesive as well. Describe your brand, services and products in short with a link to your website and use the logo of the brand as your avatar.


  • Listening skills are important


You need to listen first and tweet later. Especially, when it comes to a marketing context, this becomes really true. Advanced search, HootSuite and Sprout Social are great tools on Twitter that will permit you to look for tweets that carry anything in relation to your brand. You can also use Twitter to study your competition and see what they tweet about.


  • Interaction and responsiveness is key


Responses need to be tweeted within 24 hours do not differentiate between the good and bad feedback that your brand gets, just respond to all. Thanks positive feedback and take negative feedback with dignity.


  • Create your presence on Twitter


Basically keep tweeting. A tweet post usually has a shorter life span as opposed to posts on other social media which is why you can post more often than you would on those. There is no estimate of the optimum number of tweets you can send in one day but you could start with one tweet per day and then increase the frequency to make sure that you reach the best results. Twitalyzer is a tool that can help you with this.


  • Keep it short


Twitter does allow for 140 characters per tweet, but it is intelligent to leave at least 15 or 20 characters for those who wish to retweet or add more content to your post.


  • Retweet and network


Do you want to gain more credibility and to build up on your social capital? Then retweet posts by others to your followers. This will create a chain reaction where other people too will retweet your posts. You can also start the practice of mentioning others in your tweets by their username (@username) so that it creates and reinforces goodwill.


  • Build a good content plan


Create a content plan that holds consistency and creativity. Do this for several weeks while setting aside specific days for specific types of posts. Ensure that the content you tweet has authenticity and interest for your followers. If you borrow content give the links clearly.


  • Work with influencers


Clout, Twellow and ar all tools of “influencer measurements”. Use them to identify and engage with those who have authority and following.


  • Follow right


There is no need for you to follow everybody. Besides, following people who are not relevant to you, will give you a greater fellowship but with no positive results. Therefore follow the right people only.


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