Alcohol Ban On Sri Lankan Women

Since lifting the alcohol ban on women last week, social media had many postings regarding the decision and more and more opinions are being posted after President Sirisena reinstating the ban.

As always with lifting the ban both positive and negative thoughts were published on it. Although the Spokesperson of Finance Ministry has said “The idea was to restore gender neutrality”, a lot of criticism was going on saying the government is encouraging the drinking and this would threaten the nation’s Buddhist values.

Then on Sunday the President has said that he had ordered the country’s finance minister, Mangala Samaraweera, to revoke his decision.

It seems like President has really paid more attention to the criticism or maybe he simply does not want this to be a topic on political stages of provincial council election scheduled on next month.

However, following are some of the top social media reactions taken from both local and foreign users.

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