Social Media Analysis- Recent Developments in Social Media

With a number of features and new functionality being introduced to the major social media networks in March, we thought we analyse these and their impact on business users’ on this week’s Social Media Analysis- Recent Developments in Social Media.

  • First up is Twitter’s ‘Partner Audiences’ which was introduced on 5th March. Through this, Twitter Advertisers can reach audiences through analyzing their purchase behaviours. This is more like connecting digital advertising with offline sales in order to give advertisers a better chance to identify their target market precisely. This is a huge leap in digital advertising for sure, but Twitter wouldn’t have done it without the collaboration with Acxiom and Datalogix.



  • Surpassing the 2 two big leagues (Facebook & Twitter), Instagram showed a staggering growth in users since its inception. The pictures & short videos based social media network has become the engagement hub for many multi-national brands. Extending their support to business all around the world Instagram announced the initiation of carousel ads for Businesses on 12th March. The new feature allows advertisers to include more than one photo for an ad so that the viewers can get a better understanding of the Brand’s message.


  • Three weeks ago Facebook announced that they’ve decided to offer a new update for Facebook pages where all the deactivated account likes’ will be removed from the total page likes’ count of a page. In this case, we have to understand the fundamental need for a Facebook page, which is to create engagement and interactivity with page fans. If so, what is the point of having deactivated likes on your page when they don’t even practically exist on Facebook. so we applaud the approach taken by Facebook.

We discussed this update and its recent concerns, in our previous analysis. You can check it out here.


  • Facebook’s Vice President of Infrastructure Jason Taylor announced that the network switch ‘‘The Wedge’ which Facebook uses on its networking is now up for sale through a company called Accton. The buyers of this switch have two vendors to get the software from, who are direct competitors of Cisco. Facebook also invites third-parties to develop the product even further and they’re also offering free software for developers.  What’s in it for Facebook? There would be a community of hundreds of companies freely working on the project to develop it, make it faster and efficient  which will eventually run Facebook’s data centers. This approach will definitely intimidate the Network giant Cisco Systems.


  • Over the last couple of months, Facebook has been forcing its Smartphone users to download its newest app ‘Messenger’. Facebook was criticized heavily by media, social advocates and the majority of the Facebook users on that matter. But Facebook’s  reply was “We are trying to give you a better messaging experience just please bare with us”. And they’ve actually lived up to that promise; recently Facebook announced that they will be allowing its US Messenger users to send money securely to a friend through the app, which is just amazing. And just last week it was reported that Facebook is testing a new app that will eventually take over our phone app. Facebook has clearly identified that their users are moving away or spends more time with their smartphones rather than with their computers. So their approach seems to be to get closer to their users every way possible, through the mobile platform.


  • Instagram launched its very own collage maker app last week called “Layout’ which is only available for Apple IOS users. The app has an attractive interface and has a wide array of filters and collage designs to choose from.

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  • Another exciting piece of news was the launch of the IOS app Meerkat, an app that allows people to live stream an event or simply anything on twitter right from their Apple Device, which any person around the world with the link can access. This app shows a huge potential for businesses where they can use this app to market product launches, product sneak peaks etc without a hassle.




All in all March, 2015 was one exciting month for social media enthusiasts. Facebook’s exciting new announcements, Instagram enabling more photo sharing tools and Twitter allowing smart targeting to their advertisers, we can see is that all the top social media companies are well focused on what their goals are and they are constantly and innovatively moving towards achieving those.


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