Social Media Review: The Toyota ad that speaks with Siri

‘Social Media Review: The Toyota ad that speaks with Siri’ is the Digital Marketing Weekly Review by It’s a weekly recap of all the important campaigns & news from the digital marketing industry.


  • Apple introduced a new feature called “Hey Siri” on their iOS 8 update. After activating this feature, the user doesn’t have to press & hold the ‘home button’ but just have to simply say ‘Hey Siri’ to interact with Siri. Now Toyota has come up with a radio ad that uses Siri to actually switch off an iPhone’s text and call functionality, making drivers less likely to pick up calls. The ad relies on the fact that an iPhone, if plugged in and charging, will wake up on the voice command “Hey, Siri.” The ad begins by saying, “Hey, Siri,” then proceeds to ask the phone to switch on airplane mode, meaning drivers can’t call or text while driving. A strategically powerful concept developed by Saatchi & Saatchi Sweden for Toyota.
  • This week’s most viral video is Duracell’s ‘The Teddy Bear’. This commercial is an extension to their ongoing campaign “The ones you trust are always there”. The commercial serves another purpose other than the promotion of the product, it urges the viewers to donate to the USO to help US troops. The ad was published on July 1st, 2015, and it has received a staggering 5,403,918 YouTube views this week, becoming the ‘most viral video’.

(Data Courtesy: Visible measures, True Reach metric systems)

  • Targeting the youth, beyondblue in collaboration with JWT Melbourne has come up with a character called “The Brain” under the slogan “Brains can have a mind of their own”. Initially, they’ve launched the campaign with 4 video ads on their YouTube account and related campaign content on their Facebook page. The campaign aims to reach the youth with depression and anxiety issues and to help them overcome those conditions.

Is your brain making you feel worried all the time?

Is your brain making it hard to concentrate?

Is your brain stopping you from going out?

Is your brain making it hard to sleep?



  • Maybelline New York India has launched the #SwipeToSpice campaign to drive engagement around the recently launched Baby Lips Spiced Up range. With the #SwipeToSpice campaign, Maybelline New York India asked users to Swipe with Baby Lips Spiced Up and then add their favourite Bollywood dialogues to it. The campaign was launched with a Youtube commercial, encouraging users to share their ‘Spiced up’ videos via different social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

  • Google’s YouTube is working in full swing on its initiatives in India. Following the launch of its offline feature for the mobile app (which we covered in one of our previous weekly reviews) now YouTube has decided to foray into the entertainment market with search for India’s new online comedian. YouTube employed India’s best talent in the space to hunt for the same – Kanan Gill, AIB, East India Company, and Biswa. The campaign video was published on July 6th.

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