Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Sri Lanka Weekly Social Media News Update 25/09/2017

Here’s our latest update of what went viral on social media in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world, last week.

This week our team wrote about;

Went​ ​Viral​ ​in​ ​Sri​ ​Lanka?

  • Maithreepala Sirisena and Donald trump photo UN general assembly

An image of President Maithreepala Sirisena and the First Lady Jayanthi Sirisena along with Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump went viral on Facebook. Many of them congratulated the President on this occasion but later towards the week, there were also many memes circulating with the faces of the Sri Lankan President and First Lady photoshopped onto that of the other couple.

  • Child Protection Authority investigates 250 children used to hold ‘osari’ train

The longest Osari train in Sri Lanka went viral across the country and was also spoken about by the Telegraph UK and other international sources after the Child Protection Authority started to investigate the incident. The reason was receiving a complaint against using the 250 school children to hold the train for the bride.

  • Janadhipathi Thaththa book written by Chathurika Sirisena

A book under the title “Janadipathi Thaththa” written about President Maithreepala Sirisena, by his daughter Chathurika Sirisena was published last week. The post on Ada Derana Facebook page went viral with many comments speaking negatively of the publication, which had to do more with the current government’s actions.

This Week’s International Hubbub

  • These hospital employees posted videos of themselves giving newborn babies the finger and making them ‘dance’

Two hospital staff were removed from patient care from the Naval Hospital Jacksonville after videos of them making newborn babies dance and images of them giving the babies the finger while referring to them as mini satans went viral on Snapchat and Facebook causing massive public outrage.

  • Arkansas man buys toddler stuffed dinosaurs in heartbreaking viral Facebook post

In a random act of kindness that moves thousands, an old man in Arkansas gave $20 to little Owen, while his mother watched surprise and told her to buy him 3 toy dinosaurs. The man further said that he had just lost his 2 year old grandson last week and walked away. The mother admitted to breaking down in the middle of the store and saying that “there is still some good in this world”. The post went viral and was liked more than 238,000 times while being shared over 97,000 times.

Stats of the Week

The Tharunayaweb Facebook page publishes hot topics, entertainment related posts and the likes. There is no good relationship with their YouTube channel and especially since the “about” page on Facebook states their mission as “To be the network which is having highest traffic among South Asia in 2012” , it seems that the admin of the page does not pay attention to maintaining the page. The fact that they have ranked among the top five fastest growing community Facebook pages could be because of the kind of articles that they share which follow a similar pattern to Gossip Lanka.

Tharunayaweb YouTube Channel statistics are as follows:

Total Subscribers -0
Total Videos -14
Total views -149

Sri Lanka weekly Social Media Update



The FM Derana Facebook page has maintained a good relationship with their YouTube channel. They ranked among the top five fastest growing media Facebook pages in Sri Lanka last week.

FM Derana YouTube Channel statistics are as follows:

Total Subscribers -6,901
Total Videos -38
Total views -2,248,001

Sri Lanka weekly social media news update

Things you should know


  • Facebook Messenger is about to get a lot smarter at anticipating what you want to say next

Updates to the Messenger App could make it easier for users to have conversations on Facebook according to the latest updates. The app will give users brief answer suggestions that they can tap on to reply.

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