Three most interesting social media trends in CWC 2015

ICC Cricket World Cup commenced with excitement and a lot of energy when Australia Vs England (Melbourne) and Sri Lanka Vs New Zealand (Christchurch) matches were played. This year, ICC and Twitter joined forces to launch the first ever ICC cricket world cup experience for Twitter fans worldwide, which has a host of innovative & interactive features such as;

· ICC Cricket World Cup Timeline

·#AskCaptain– ICC gives a chance for fans to ask a question from a team captain

· #CWCDaily on Twitter Video- The daily recap of the match/matches

·Twitter Voting Card: #PlayOfTheDay-  Fans can vote their favourite move/play of the day

An analysis by Repucom states that; during the first week of the 2011 tournament, the top 10 most active nations talking about the Cricket World Cup produced just under 9,000 (8,930) online interactions, but this year due to twitter & ICC collaboration there is a significant increase in online interactions as the top 10 most active nations produced over 82 times as much traffic (739,050) in the first week of the tournament. So here are the three most interesting social media trends in CWC 2015 which created a huge online buzz;


1.  India became the online champion of the #CWC15

The interesting fact here is India alone produced over 36% of the Global chatter for the tournament.  Indian Cricket team’s official Facebook page has over 22 million fans, this number was obviously possible due to India’s high population. But this also shows how much Indians enjoy and love Cricket. However, Repucom’s analysis results are as follows;

Repucom Analysis
Social Media Traffic Rankings


2. India Vs Pakistan #CWC15 match was the most trending cricket match in Social Media

Sunday, February 15th Twitter & Facebook was taken over by Indian & Pakistani Cricket lovers. When India beat Pakistan by 76 runs in Adelaide, nearly 10,000 people tweeted about it. A study by Twitter revealed that the most tweeted Cricket players were from either India or Pakistan- among them Virat Kohli got the most attention. During the match between India & Pakistan, a staggering 9990 tweet mentions per minute were recorded.


3.  Pakistan Cricket Team’s  first win in the tournament

After Pakistan lost its 2 opening matches against India and West Indies, their competitive desire to continue on the tournament was questioned by many people. Since Zimbabwe also lost its last match against West Indies, everyone’s attention was on this match. “Who will win this match, who will restore their lost confidence?” was at question during the match. Pakistan Vs Zimbabwe match surprisingly generated a huge amount of Facebook posts and tweets.

Gabbar Singh tweeted;

Criclife tweeted;

Gaurav Sethi tweeted;

Trendulkar tweeted;

The unreal times tweeted;






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