Top YouTube Channels in Sri Lanka

The number of YouTube users in Sri Lanka has continued to grow, and this week, we are bringing a roundup of the top 5 YouTube channels in the country. 


TV Derana 

With a total viewership of 1,054,923,092, TV Derana is in the lead at the moment, and  mostly features news and other programmes that are telecasted on the channel. 



This Youtube channel has a total of 76.80M views and a subscriber base of 845.19K. The channel offers a variety of tips on hand embroidery, decoration, stitching, paper craft, and other DIY creative projects. 


Swarnavahini TV 

Coming in at 3rd place is Swarnavahini, a channel that broadcasts a plethora of TV programmes, including entertainment, news, education, reality and more. The total viewership of the channel is 376.04 M and it has a total of 653.59K subscribers. 


Wasthi Productions 

Almost neck to neck with Swarnavhini, is Wasthi Productions; broadcasting a popular and much loved series of comedies that feature the same group of performers. They address some of the controversial and trending topics in Sri Lanka or sometimes outside of the country, and are not afraid to ruffle a few feathers. They bring in a total viewership of 88.28 M and a subscriber base of 627.65 K. 


Hiru TV 

Next is Hiru TV, another popular television channel in Sri Lanka whose Youtube channel has a total of 266.20 M viewers and 591.85 K subscribers. They air some of their most popular shows via the Youtube channel including news, political debate shows, entertainment shows and more. 

While these figures often change, as per data gathered last month, these channels occupy the topmost positions on Sri Lanka’s most watched Youtube Channels list.

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