Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Sri Lanka Weekly Social Media News Update 30/10/2017

Here’s our latest analytical overview of the viral news on social media is Sri Lanka and across the globe last week.

This week our team wrote about;

What went viral in Sri Lanka 

  • Foreigner’s baggage checked by a group claiming to be police

One news headline that went viral on social media last week was the Facebook Live video that was uploaded by a foreigner; Adam Kelvick whose vehicle is stopped by an anonymous group claiming to be the CID. The foreigner refuses to corporate on account of the fact that the group is unable to produce identification. At his hotel, the police go through his possessions uncovering Walla Patta, a highly valuable and fragrant agarwood resin produced in the stems and branches and trunk of a tree in Sri Lanka. The foreigner is fined a sum of 20,000 LKR and is granted passage back to UK. His Facebook post along with the video that ridicules the Sri Lankan law enforcement system is something that grabbed attention along with the facts to say that Walla Patta is being sold illegally to foreigners coming to the island.

  • Run for Derana little hearts

The run organized by Derana Little Hearts in collaboration with DSL Group of Companies in order to raise funds for children with heart defects was a success and went viral on Facebook with their appeal to the masses to buy the pens that were being sold which would add to the charitable purpose

  • US ships visit Sri Lanka

The USS Nimitz visited Sri Lanka where dignitaries and the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Keshap toured the carrier. One more significant news here was the fact that the female soldiers on-board the ship, in a move of compassion, donated their hair to the cancer survivors of Sri Lanka so they would enjoy the feeling of having hair once more.

This Week’s International Hubbub


  • Catalonia independence from Spain

Catalonia was stripped of its autonomy to declare independence resulting in a massive pro-Spain rally in Barcelona where the majority urged the arrest of the fired Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont


  • Boy who stole his mother’s car on the highway- speeds up to 100 miles per hour

The Ohio police chased down a 10 year old boy who stole his mother’s car and exceeded speeds of 100MPH on the highway. The high speed chase was seen and recorded by many. Upon apprehension the boy had kicked and spit at troopers even though nobody had been injured.

Stats of the Week

Lokaya Saha Lokayo is a Facebook page that delves in the area of hot topics, news and interesting incidents along with generous servings of humour. The page, could benefit vastly from having a well updated YouTube channel which is not the case currently.

Lokaya saha Lokayo YouTube Channel statistics are as follows:
Total Subscribers -17
Total Videos -1
Total views -50

sri lanak social media weekly news update

The politicians in Sri Lanka do not use social media to its optimal level, as noted by us earlier. However, in the recent past the President and the Prime Minister have both taken to connecting with the masses via social media. Even though Ranil Wickramasinghe’s Facebook page comes as one of the top five fastest growing society pages in Sri Lanka, his YouTube channel does not share the same level of maintenance.

Ranil Wickremesinghe YouTube Channel statistics are as follows:
Total Subscribers -166
Total Videos -68
Total views -33,146

Sri lank Social media weekly news update

Things you should know

  • Instagram Gets ‘Superzoom’ Camera Format, Halloween-Inspired Face Filters and Stickers

Cue the Halloween and Instagram launches Superzoom along with Halloween faces for both Android and IOS devices. The Superzoom will add a feature that gives a three second zoom touch for your videos on the app while the Halloween-centric faces are due to roll out on the 01st of November.

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