Facebook Stalkscan


Know what information of yours is out there

It’s no secret that the privacy tools of Facebook are complicated and subject to continuous change. Stalkscan is a third party tool that can identify and highlight any of your information that is visible to the public, or even visible to you for a particular profile.

What is Stalkscan?

Stalkscan uses the Facebook’s inbuilt search, meaning that you would have access to any of the information available to your profile, even if that information has not been made public. This makes it very difficult to sort of self-audit. However, in the event that you wish to be very precise, you have the option of creating a second account and use that to search for your information. Another option is to click the “View As” option on your account and get an idea of what the public can see on your profile.

What exactly will you be able to know?

 Stalkscan has the ability to show you the information that people can already search for. You will need the complete link to the profile of the respective party. Once you enter the URL in the search box, the site pops up links to various searches indicating that party’s pictures, likes or videos. If you have been searching for yourself, you will also be shown content that has been put under the privacy settings of “only me” and content that you have chosen to share with certain people only.

How can you use it to your advantage?

You will be able to see everything that your friends can see on your profile and if there is anything that you don’t feel comfortable about, you always can change the privacy setting of that or simply remove it. You can also filter posts that went on your timeline before Facebook gave the option of limiting or restricting visibility.

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