Digital Marketing Weekly Review 04

Digital Marketing Weekly Review 04 is a weekly recap of all the important campaigns & news from the digital marketing industry.


  • Temptations US- a cat treats company, launched their newest product accessory called ‘Snacky mouse’. The product is simply a ball-shaped mouse with cat treats inside it, so everytime the cat kicks or punches the ‘Snacky mouse’ the treats inside, comes out. They’ve designed an amazing campaign video which was uploaded to YouTube on March 16th.

  • States United to Prevent Gun Violence’ was founded in 1990, this US based non-profit organization is dedicated to stopping Gunfire Violence in the USA. This week SUPGV took a huge leap towards making it a reality by launching the campaign #gunswithhistory. The video was uploaded to YouTube  on March 17th, from just 3 days it has gotten over 1,653,780 views on YouTube.
  • This week’s most viral video is YouTube’s newest campaign video #Dearme. This campaign features the most famous female YouTube celebrities. The campaign was originally released targeting the International Women’s day, the video was in second place last week, but this week #Dearme has found its way to the top of our list. The video was released on 3rd March 2015, and it has recorded a staggering 2,708,856 views this week, becoming the ‘most viral video’. (Data Courtesy: Visible measures, True Reach metric systems)



  • Did you know that the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has more Twitter followers than the White house? And he is the second most followed person on the social media, of course after US President Barack Obama. Recently the Indian Prime Minister joined the Viber public chat saying “Hello World! Great being on Viber”. Within just a week, his Public profile got over 8.5 lakh followers on Viber which is amazing.


    •  Scott’s Vitamin Thailand (A product by GSK) tries to create a trend by its new campaign #Momazing. Every day, all around the world, mothers do many things for their children; providing them, encouraging them and motivating them. But one thing they keep on asking themselves is whether “I’ve done it right?”. Grey Singapore coined this ‘Momazing’ (Derives from ‘amazing’) feeling you get when you witness that you have done it right, you’ve made it. It’s an amazing video that showcases the unimaginable bond between the mothers and their children.


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“See what others don’t see. That’s Creativity”




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