Etisalat Sri Lanka Social Media Analysis

Etisalat Sri Lanka launched its services in the island after acquiring the Sri Lankan operations of Milicom International (Tigo) in 2007. According to Fitch Ratings, in  2010, the company had a 20% market share in the Sri Lankan mobile market. This Etisalat Sri Lanka social media analysis takes a look at the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blog pages of the Company.

Etisalat and Facebook

After scrolling through the Etisalat’s Facebook page, we noticed that the company uses FB to promote products, share newsworthy and educational posts, host quizzes and competitions and answer customer queries. Compared to Mobitel, Etisalat posts fewer random images and many of the pictures on the page seem to be custom designed for the company.

A look at the quizzes and competitions revealed a high level of response with competitions like the Nature Photographer of the Year and the Etisalat Instagrapher competition being particularly popular. Etisalat’s apps on Facebook include a cricket draw, a blackberry app and a job alert app.

A Facebook post on the page that stood out from the rest was the video ‘Ada Kale Kello Kollo”.

According to the company, this is Sri Lanka’s first interactive video. The video outlines a romantic story between two teenagers and viewers get to decide on the outcome. The idea is a novel way of brand building and seems to resonate well with young people. Etisalat also has several Facebook posts which are linked to its blog. These posts speak about customer service, latest products, new outlets etc. One of the most successful promotions carried out by Etisalat on FB featured the recently concluded T20 world cup. Etisalat created a profile picture (which could be added by FB users) featuring its customers and the Sri Lankan flag and this became a major hit during the World Cup.

Nevertheless, Etisalat’s CSR activities which are highlighted in their website are not seen in their Facebook account. Furthermore, Etisalat should implement plans to make Facebook a tool to convey corporate communication; they should make a better effort to convey the company’s culture, philosophy and identity through FB. The Facebook page gives links to Etisalat’s twitter account and the company blog. However, the page should also link its YouTube account to the Facebook page in order to give it more exposure.

Etisalat on Twitter

The Etisalat Twitter page at the time of writing has made over 4,900 tweets and is followed by around 5,400 twitterers. The twitter account is mainly used to answer customer queries and for product announcements.

It was noticed that Etisalat replies to every customer – even the irate ones- in a respectful manner. This is commendable and is essential if a company is to be successful on Twitter. The company has also ‘favourited’ tweets that are testimonials.

However, similarly to Facebook, Etisalat should use its twitter account to highlight its CSR activities and to communicate its corporate identity.

Etisalat’s YouTube Account

 The most noticeable video in the Etisalat’s YouTube account is the ‘ada kale kello kollo’ video which has garnered over 116,000 views. This video is unique as it has been tailor made for social media platforms. Etisalat has also a cricket video segment named ‘greatest performances in T20 cricket’ featuring former cricketer Russel Arnold. This segment also seems to be made specifically for YouTube. The rest of the videos are advertisements that have been previously broadcast on TV.  Etisalat has done well to create unique content for its social media account and this is a practice that it should continue. Developing unique content that embodies the company’s ethos is a great way to increase brand awareness and connect with stakeholders.

Etisalat’s Blog

The Etisalat blog is relatively new. The blog features articles on new gadgets, company events and product reviews. The blog posts are easy to read and are written by more than one writer; With time, Etisalat can use its blog to develop a unique voice and further establish itself as an expert in the telecommunications arena. Blogs are also the best way in which to highlight a company’s CSR activities and corporate identity. The best corporate blogs in the world are the ones that engage the community and build loyalty among fans; and the most effective way to build brand loyalty is to convey the company’s philosophy and identity to the customers.

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