Lexus releases a teaser for its rideable Hoverboard

Lexus releases a teaser for its rideable Hoverboard is the Digital Marketing Weekly Review by It’s a weekly recap of all the important campaigns & news from the digital marketing industry.


    • ‘Lexus’ a flagship brand under Toyota, released a teaser film on YouTube for its newly built rideable hoverboard. CHI & Partners created the spot, which depicts a skateboarder who leaves his regular board behind and steps on to the hoverboard. The prototype will be tested in Barcelona over the coming weeks.

    • This week’s most viral video is Dove Men+Care’s ‘First fatherhood moments’. Targeting the father’s day which was on 21st June, this ad is a compilation of moments of men when they first experienced the fatherhood. It’s a beautiful video, with genuine and happy moments that prompt the viewers to share their experiences of being a father with soon to be fathers. The ad was published on June 15th, 2015, and it has received a staggering 13,116,937 YouTube views this week, becoming the ‘most viral video’.

                     (Data Courtesy: Visible measures, True Reach metric systems)

    • Panera Bread, a chain of bakery-café fast casual restaurants in the United States has given its brand a new identity through their new digital marketing campaign “Food as it should be”. The one-minute campaign video, which was uploaded on June 14, 2015, explains us about the rules that we all should follow when it comes to food. Because “good food should be good FOR YOU”. Another set of words that resonates on the mind of the viewer is “Bellies should be rubbed, Tables should be full”- which means good food with good people is always the best.

    • To mark the LGBT Pride month, Airbnb is raising awareness to the prejudice and danger that non-straight couples face traveling, with its new film “Love Is Welcome Here”. The documentary-style video shows several LGBT couples discussing how they fell in love and the challenges they face traveling together.


    • To market Google’s newest feature ‘YouTube Offline’, Google India launched a campaign video titled “YouTube Offline: Headspin”. The campaign focusses on the launch of the ‘YouTube Offline’ feature of their mobile app. This new feature allows Indian users to download videos on the YouTube app and watch them offline on-the-go. The campaign was conceptualised by Lowe Lintas and Partners.

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