Sri Lanka Social Media Weekly News Update

Sri Lanka Weekly Social Media News Update 10/07/2017

Here’s our latest update of what went viral on social media in Sri Lanka and across the world.

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What Went Viral in Sri Lanka?

  • Elephant Mosquito to battle Dengue in Sri Lanka

With the permission of the Health Minister an experiment is now on its way to battle the fear that has gripped the nation because of the Dengue mosquito. A herbivorous mosquito species who will not harm humans, known as the Elephant Mosquito has been observed to feed on the larvae of the Aedes Egypti or the Dengue mosquito. While many people still seem to be criticizing this move by the government, officials have spoken to say that “it is better to light a candle at least than keep cursing the darkness” and that the experiment which was conducted in several areas have given positive results. They also stated that while this may not be the fast solution to the current pandemic situation, this is a long term solution to drive Dengue out of the country. The video posted on BBC Sinhala Facebook page went viral, but it does seem that more awareness on biodiversity and food chains needs to be created because the majority of civilians seems to be under the impression that this would cause another epidemic.

  • Ranjan Ramanayake speaks out about political parties and their biases

Ranjan Ramanayake has always been identified with his controversial and rather fearless way of speaking his mind. He has made headlines numerous times on this account as well. He recently posted a video to his Facebook page stating that this country will not progress until the common man keeps on being loyal to the political parties that rule this nation. He further went on to say that the Central Bank thief is protected by the Yahapalanaya while the Tsunami thief is protected by the Mahinda Party. Many who commented on the video and post that went viral seemed to appreciate Ranjan’s fearless attitude towards expressing the truth.

This Week’s International Hubbub

  • Poland’s First Lady shakes the hand of Melania Trump first

A video clip of the Polish First Lady shaking the hand of Melania Trump while Donald Trump had his arm outstretched went viral on Twitter. The clip that was originally posted did not have the full incident. However, when users posted the complete clip, it still showed the same incident. While many commented to say that a big deal has been made out of nothing and that it must just have been a mistake, most people retweeted to say that the humour in the incident cannot be overlooked.


  • Over 8.9 Million Views For This Guy Downing Litres Of Soda In Seconds


A Facebook video on the page “Shanghaiist showing a man downing litres of carbonated pops in a matter of seconds has gone viral for its entertainment factor. However people also said that it was a stupid stunt given the amount of toxicity that such drinks are known to cause, not to mention the amount of sugar intake.

Stats of the Week

TamilCNN is a Facebook page that has come in among the top five fastest growing community Facebook pages last week. However the correlation between this and their YouTube channel remains weak with very few subscribers. Given that the page is CNN and that they cater to the news industry, it is detrimental to reach out to a wider audience through a video sharing website such as YouTube which does not seem to happen.

TamilCNN YouTube Channel statistics are as follows:

Total Subscribers -290
Total Videos -4,891
Total views -4,893,441

Social Media Sri Lanka weekly updates is a medium of advertising and searching for entertainment venues, restaurants, current events and the likes. Their Facebook page has ranked among the top five fastest growing entertainment Facebook pages in Sri Lanka but the cross promotion on YouTube is not satisfactory. It is rather significant that the majority of Sri Lanka’s brands do not consider YouTube to be a good source of marketing when the opposite is actually what is true. 

WhatsUp Colombo YouTube Channel statistics are as follows:

Total Subscribers -32
Total Videos -15
Total views -10,057

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Things you should know


  • Study finds four types of Facebook user: Town crier, relationship builder, selfie and window shopper


A research conducted by the Brigham Young University has identified four types of users who are on Facebook.

Town criers – those who do not share anything personal but announce current topics and matters of interests to others.

Relationship builders – who interact on posts made by friends to strengthen their relationships.

Selfie – the name says it all, posts an inordinate amount of selfies.

Window shopper – does not contribute much but is reactive to the posts of others.

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